In this March issue:

  • NEW! Rec Classes

  • Punchcards Available Now

  • A Thank You

  • Win a Free Month of Classes

  • Tuition Update Reminder

  • Kid Open Gym

  • This Weekend: WOWIE-ZOWIE!

NEW & UPDATED Recreational Classes!

Thank you for participating in our poll! We've heard your requests!

Starting March 1st:







This is the perfect class for students who would like to get in more practice time! 

You can combine this class with another Level 2 or Level 2/3 class.

Instructor approval is required before you may take this class.





We are merging our Level 1 class from 4:00-5:00pm with the 3:30-4:30pm class on Thursdays. 

The new Level 1 Gymnastics class time is 3:30-4:30pm.





Join Coach Rikki for this class! For kids ages 5-6. 

This program offers kids a chance to run and jump through obstacle courses, climb onto bars, and roll over mats.





Coach Rikki will be joining Coach Jose to teach this class!


Punchards Available Now

We're introducing punch card options for our recreational classes! This is a great option if you know you can't attend on a weekly basis but you or your child would like to continue taking classes with us!

Our punchard options are:

  • 5-class punch card: $110
  • 10-class punch card: $200
  • 20-class punch card: $350

To switch over to a punchcard option, email:

A Thank You

Thanks to your support we were able to re-cover our beams this month! They got a much needed makeover. The crew came in bright and early at 7:30am on a Saturday and stripped the beams down to its bare metal bones. After a solid massage of acetone, they replaced the rubber padding on the tops of the beams and then wrapped them with a fresh lining of tan suede. 

Fun fact: The American-Athletics (AA) logo you see on the side of the beam is not printed, but spray-painted onto the suede once the beams are fully re-covered.


Win a Free Month of Classes!

Help us get the word out about Ohana!

If you submit a Yelp review before the end of February, you'll be automatically entered to win a free month of classes!

To do this: Go to our Ohana Gymnastics yelp page and select: Write a Review on the top right. If you are submitting under a different name, email to make sure we log it for your submission to win a free month of classes!


Tuition Update Reminder

Beginning April 1st, we will raise tuition to the following prices. 

We are doing this to improve the quality of our gym, both to provide better compensation for our growing staff and to replace old equipment.

Plans include to: Re-cover the pommel horse, steam clean our carpet floors, and replace the bed of our trampoline.

We hope you will notice the improvements as the months go! Expect to see continuous updates in subsequent newsletters! If you have any comments, concerrns, or questions, email or talk to Sybil in the gym! Thank you so much for your continued support.

Class New Price (effective, April 1st) Additional Child Discount Price

Kinder Gym

Junior Gym

$80 $65

Level 1 Gymnastics

Level 1 Ninja

$100 $85

Level 2 Gymnastics

Level 2 Ninja

$110 (unchanged) $85
Level 3 Gymnastics $130 (unchanged) $85
Teen/Adult Gymnastics $85 n/a


Upcoming Open Gyms for Kids (Ages 5-16)

Mark your calendars for every 4th weekend of the month! Open Gyms are from 5-8pm!

  • Saturday, March 23

  • Saturday, April 27

Go see Wowie-Zowie with JEFF RAZ!

Part of the Tandy Beal & Co. ArtSmart Family First Saturday Concert Series

For many years, Ohana has worked with Tandy Beal & Co! They're one of our closest collaborators and many of our gymnastics team athletes have performed in their shows. Their goal is to enrich our community with original concerts, arts education, and workshops! They want to help new artists and support established ones, and ultimately unite the community with the wonder of art.

Tandy Beal & Co
2018-19 ArtSmart Family First Saturday Concert Series
On March 2nd--let someone else do it--to MUSIC!
Join Jeff Raz for musical juggling, the hilarity of
physical comedy, and amazing feats of balance as
he opens our hearts to magic and fun!
Bring your friend, neighbor, your grandkids,
and their neighbors!
Raz will perform amazing feats of balance
(with a few surprise guests)
and musical juggling, inspiring awe and wonder!
Wowie-Zowie, with Jeff Raz! The One and Only!
March 2nd at 11AM
Santa Cruz Veterans Memorial Building
Tickets at and at the door!
First Saturdays Concert Series!

 April 6:
Tammi Brown Band! 
May 4: 
Steve Wilson & The Jazz Time Machine! 
Tickets for upcoming shows available here:
All concerts @ 11am • Vets Hall • Santa Cruz
Tandy Beal & Company | |
Tandy Beal & Company | P.O. Box 633Santa Cruz, CA 95061

The Ohana staff thank you for your continued support and we always welcome suggestions, questions, and comments to help us make the gym a better place for you and your kids!