In this September issue:

  • Fall Classes

  • Punchcards Available 


Welcome back to school!

Our fall schedule is now in effect (see below).

We hope to provide more class times through the school year for you convenience. Meanwhile, feel free to keep us informed about your schedule.

Punchards Available 

We have punchcard options for our recreational classes! This is a great option if you know you can't attend on a weekly basis but you or your child would like to continue taking classes with us! If you're trying to choose between a monthly or punchcard tuition, the monthly is more affordable if you're attending 3+ classes per month. 

Our punchard options are:


45-60 minute class

(Kinder, Junior, Level 1, Ninja 1)

90-120 minute class

(Level 2, 2/3 Developmental, Adult, Ninja 2)

5-class $110 $175
10-class $200 $300
20-class $350 $525

To switch over to a punchcard option, email:

If you have any issues or questions, you can email OHANAGYMNASTICS.SC@GMAIL.COM, call us at (831)-316-0740, or come to the front desk and we'll be happy to help you.

The Ohana staff thank you for your continued support and we always welcome suggestions, questions, and comments to help us make the gym a better place for you and your kids!