In this October issue:

  • No Classes on Halloween

  • Welcome Back Scotlyn

  • New Class Options 

  • Safety & Attire

  • Birthday Parties 

The Fall is Here!

Reminder! We're CLOSED on October 31st for Halloween!

Please Welcome Back Coach Scotlyn!

Our talented coach returns to the gym after her summer hiatus! She will be assisting recreational classes and our girls gymnastics team.

New Class Options

We have added a new Level 1 class on Wednesdays at 3:30, and codified the Junior Level classes for ages 4-6. 


Hopefully these options will provide greater scheduling flexibility; they will certainly help us in our aim to reduce class sizes and preserve a low student-to-teacher ratio.


*Please note, whatever classes students attend, our coaches always challenge them according to their skill level. Our coaches are also quick to point out when it is appropriate to switch students to an alternative class-level. Feel free to chat with them about those consderations or anything else.

A Quick Word About Safety and Attire

As our classes grow, we want to do our best to make sure your child is safe on and off the floor. To best do this, we ask for your help! We love that your kid wants to jump right in when they first arrive, but we ask that you keep your children off the floor before and after class! You've seen our team flipping around and other little ones learning to cartwheel so there's lot of traffic on the floor space. We don't want anyone getting run over! This also helps our coaches focus on their class and, in turn, give your child the same attention when it's their class time. They're welcome to play with the toys and board games on the shelves while they wait.

Also, for your child's safety, we recommend attire that properly fits them and that the fabric is flexible. For girls, there is always the leotard or even a one-piece swimsuit with shorts or leggings. A fitted t-shirt also works. Please refrain from letting them come in with dresses or very loose shirts. It makes it difficult for our coaches to spot them on skills. For boys, we recommend basketball shorts (no jeans or pants with buckles) and a t-shirt. Mahalo!


We have been donated Leotards and other gymnastics ware for kinder and junior level girls. Please inquire if you would like any, free of charge. 



If you have any issues or questions, you can email OHANAGYMNASTICS.SC@GMAIL.COM, call us at (831)-316-0740, or come to the front desk and we'll be happy to help you.


The Ohana staff thank you for your continued support and we always welcome suggestions, questions, and comments to help us make the gym a better place for you and your kids!