Teen/Adult Gymnastics

Gopal Maziarz
Ohana Gymnastics (location map)
Thursday, 6:00 PM - 7:25 PM
06/01/19 - 08/15/19 (11 weeks)


The Teen/Adult Gymnastics program is suitable for everyone – from a beginner who has never tumbled to experienced gymnasts who would like to re-learn skills or gain new ones. We focus on improving strength, mobility, and proprioception, as well as fundamental gymnastic body positions.

A typical practice consists of a warm up, followed by a group floor exercise – catered to individuals based on athletic experience and comfort, then individual practice overseen by a coach. Whether you would like to learn how to do a pullup or learn a standing back tuck, we can help you!

Upcoming Meetings
07/18/19    6:00 PM Thursday 07/18/19 6:00 PM
07/25/19    6:00 PM Thursday 07/25/19 6:00 PM
08/01/19    6:00 PM Thursday 08/01/19 6:00 PM
08/08/19    6:00 PM Thursday 08/08/19 6:00 PM
08/15/19    6:00 PM Thursday 08/15/19 6:00 PM