Birthday Party
Ohana Gymnastics (location map)
Sunday, 3:30 PM - 5:15 PM
10/01/17 (1 week)

Parties are for children turning 4 or older. Parties are 1 hour of instructor-led gym time and 45 minutes in our reception area with your host helping with refreshments and/or gifts. For safety and comfort our parties are limited to 14 children.  The cost is $200 for children turning 6 or older. For children turning 4 or 5 the cost is $250 and includes an additional instructor.

 Super Fun Gym Time Includes:

  • group activities
  • gymnastics circuits (bars, beams, rings, etc)
  • free-choice
  • trampoline
  • inflatable 
Reception Area Set Up Includes:
  • Table Covers and Seating
  • Paper Products (plates, napkins, forks/spoons, cups)