Adult Gymnastics

The Teen/Adult gymnastics program is suitable for everyone – from a beginner who has never tumbled to experienced gymnasts who would like to re-learn skills or gain new ones. We focus on improving strength, mobility, and proprioception, as well as fundamental gymnastic body positions. 

Adult Gymnastics are on Thursdays from 6:00-7:30pm.

For Experienced Fitness Enthusiasts 

For Beginners

Adult Open Gym

Come and try out your first class for free! Simply show up 10-15 minutes before class to meet your coach, check out the gym, and sign a waiver. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing, bring socks (for the trampoline), and a water bottle.

Example of a typical class: 
6:00-6:15 Arrive at the gym and perform your own warm-up and stretch. Our coach can provide you with a warm-up as well.
6:15-6:50 Group floor warm-up and skill work guided by your coach. 
6:50-7:20 Time for your workout! You'll get an individualized assignment from your coach based on your goals and fitness level.
7:20-7:30 Cool down and stretching.

Register for the Adult Gymnastics Class

Pricing Options for the Adult Gymnastics Class: Either $70/month or a punchcard (same pricing as the open gym below.)

If you're feeling a little intimidated because you haven't worked out in years, or you feel you're too old to start gymnastics, it's okay!  Here's what to do:

Come in and meet the coach! We'll discuss your background and goals and give you a tour of the gym.

Participate in our three-session Foundation Program where we'll teach you the basic movements of gymnastics and proper technique to ensure your safety. These 45-minute sessions are workouts in themselves! And as small group sessions (max 3 people), they'll be catered specifically to your experience and fitness level.

Once you feel ready, join our Adult Gymnastics class!

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Schedule Your 3 Foundation Classes


The Foundation Program is a mandatory program (as determined by the coach) for anyone without prior gymnastics/tumbling/cheer/parkour/acro experience or has not participated in a consistent fitness regimen for over a year. The goal of the program is to introduce and educate participants on the basic shapes, movements, and safety concepts of gymnastics. 

The program is split into three 45-minute sessions:

Session 1: Movement assessment. This includes mobility, flexibility, balance, and proprioception. We'll do a light warm-up first, followed by a dynamic stretch.

Session 2: Gymnastic body shapes. In this session we'll discuss the importance of specific shapes in the sport, why it is important, and then guide you through these body shapes. 

Session 3: Strength training for gymnastics. The training will be based on your first two sessions and it is the first step to developing the proper strength, form, and technique for your fitness/skill goals.

Our Adult Open Gym begins January 9th, 2019 on Wednesdays from 7:45p-9:45pm. For ages 16+. This is a supervised open practice without active instruction. Level-appropriate skill work is expected. If you consistently attempt level-inappropriate or dangerous skills, you will not be allowed to participate. 

Price Options for the Adult Open Gym:

  • A $25 cash-only per practice drop-in fee, to be paid at time of arrival.
  • A 5-session punch card for $110.
  • A 10-session punch card for $200.
  • A 20-session punch card for $350.

Purchase an Open Gym Punchcard

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