Lokahi: Adult Program Series

Starting October 16th! LOKAHI (LOW-KAH-HEE)- A New Adult Program!

Lokahi means harmony and balance - and with our new adult series we hope to give you a program that not only helps you grow stronger, but to become more flexible, coordinated, and balanced through all ranges of movement, including being upside down!

These classes are great for anyone interested in wishing to improve their strength, mobility, and balance through gymnastic-based movements. You don't have to be a gymnast to do these classes - they're great as a supplement to your current exercise regimen or to help round out your sports training.

Our class offerings are:




7:00am - 7:50am Conditioning Bootcamp

Conditioning Bootcamp

8:00am - 8:50am Beginner's Guide to Inversions

Mobility and Flexibility

6:00pm - 7:25pm Teen/Adult Gymnastics

Teen/Adult Gymnastics


Class Descriptions

Conditioning Bootcamp
Start your morning right with a fun group circuit-style training using gymnastics equipment! With basic gymnastic movements, you'll sweat and get a full body workout with only your bodyweight! You'll also learn to move in all directions. In this shoes-off kind of class and you'll climb, swing, and jump your way to better shape. This is a great strength class for all sports.
Beginner's Guide to Inversions
Want to learn how to handstand, headstand, and do a back bend? This class is great for beginners who are not yet comfortable being upside down, or have just begun their inversion journey and need some guidance. With plenty of progressions and soft mats, you'll strengthen your joints, improve your technique, and ultimately learn to perform your own inversion.
Mobility and Flexibility
Flexibility is the ability to stretch your muscle. Mobility is the ability is the perform a controlled movement through its full range of motion. Both are equally important in everyday life -  leaning over to pick up a box, squatting down to reach under the table, etc. In this class, we'll focus on building strength, balance, and control through full range of motion. This is a great hour to spend recovering from a long week. 
Adult Gymnastics
This program is suitable for everyone – from a beginner who has never tumbled to experienced gymnasts who would like to re-learn skills or gain new ones. We focus on improving strength, mobility, and proprioception, as well as fundamental gymnastic body positions. 

Pricing for LOKAHI

Special Introductory Offer! Unlimited classes for 7 days for only $7.00!

(Select this pricing option when registering for Lokahi!)


Unlimited Adult Classes - ALL Morning & Evening Adult Classes (6 classes per week in total); 24 classes per month

If you're already an adult member or a parent of a registered child, enter the promo code: 3MO_LOKAHI and take our unlimited adult classes for 3 months for only $100/month.

$120/month $5 per class

Evening Adult Classes ONLY (Tuesday & Thursdays Gymnastics 6:00-7:30pm)

1x Week $70/month

2x Week $90/month

$17.50 per class

$11.25 per class

20 Class Punch Card - Any Adult Class, Morning or Evening $250; 6-mo. expiration $12.50 per class
10 Class Punch Card - Any Adult Class, Morning or Evening $150; 6-mo. expiration $15.00 per class
5 Class Punch Card - Any Adult Class, Morning or Evening $90; 6-mo. expiration $18.00 per class


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