Adult Workshops

Workshops are a great way to learn a new skill without committing to our monthly classes! 

Our current adult workshops:

Stretch & Strengthen
(6-week workshop// 9:00am-10:00am// beginning Thursday, February 14, 2019)

This workshop will strengthen and tone your legs, glutes, core, and arms through a series of gymnastic-inspired conditioning. An hour-long workout with a focus on full body control. 

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Time to Pull-Up!  

(6-week workshop// 10:15-11:15am// beginning Thursday, February 14, 2019)

The pull-up is one of the best upper-body exercises and yet one of the most difficult to attain and master. But this doesn't mean you cannot do one. Even more than one! Over a span of 6-weeks, we'll practice the mechanics of a proper pull-up, provide plenty of drills and progressions suitable for every strength level, and get you moving toward your very first pullup! (Max: 6 people)

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Beginners Guide to the Handstand 

(6-week workshop// 5:15pm-6:15pm// beginning Tuesday, February 12, 2019)

This handstand workshop is aimed for beginners who wish to hold a freestanding handstand! We will learn the fundamental shapes for proper handstand holds, along with the necessary strength and mobility, and safe ways to enter and exit the handstand. (Max: 6 people)

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