photo Scotlyn Price

Scotlyn is our recreational and girls competitive team coach! She comes from a competitive gymnastics background and has been coaching gymnastics since high school. She has experience coaching all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. She is currently a UCSC student studying history with a minor in education, with plans of becoming an elementary school teacher!

Fun fact: She can move her eyes individually. Ask her to do it for you!


photo Bella Cantey

Bella is our fantastic high school intern! She started out and continues practicing as a student in the teen/adult gymnastics class. She shadows our coaches once a week and recently began leading her own recreational classes as well! She loves working with energetic kids and learning new skills. Bella is homeschooled, enjoys outdoor adventures, and visiting other states. 

Fun fact: Bella practices lyrical and hip-hop dance at the International Academy of Dance.



photo Gopal Maziarz

Gopal was our original (“OG”) parkour student and now teaches ninja and gymnastics classes. He has an admittedly very cut and dry sense of humor and style of teaching, but is no less passionate towards each student’s individual skill-development. He strives to become a professional parkour athlete and work in movies. Some of his hobbies include surfing, video games, martial arts, and skim-boarding.  

photo Fiona Sereboff
Fiona is excited to be returning to gymnastics as a coach at Ohana. She did gymnastics for years growing up but took a break in high school to run track and cross country. Currently, she is a student at UCSC studying education and sociology. Looking forward, Fiona hopes to be an elementary school teacher. Besides her passion for working with kids, Fiona loves hiking, riding her bike, and spending time with her friends. 
Fun fact: She spent 5 months last year studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and plans on traveling after graduating
photo Jacinda MacCool

Jacinda is currently training to compete level 9 on the Ohana team. She has been doing gymnastics since she was two years old and started competing when she was in first grade. In additon to gymnastics, she love cats and the beach!

Fun fact: Her name is actually said exactly how it's spelt!

photo Joe Mailloux

Joe is our new office manager at Ohana Gymnastics! He comes from a rugby background, being a veteran of multiple club teams and a former collegiate all-star. He is a professional percussionist with a masters degree in music, and he teaches both private drum lessons and a Brazilian percussion class. He loves woodwork, bike rides, paddling with Pu Pu ‘O outrigger Canoe Club, and the regular shenanigans with the love his life, local artist, Sarah Bianco.

Fun Facts: Joe has an unusual affinity for sesame sticks. He also once worked on a crusie ship for 6 months!