photo Fabricio Olsson

Boys and girls gymnastics and trampoline competitive coach, and web/computer guy.

photo Sybil Lam

Sybil is probably the person you'll see most often in the gym. She has a background in competitive gymnastics and still practices when no one's looking. When she's not flipping around with the kids, she's probably lifting weights at Toadal or swimming at Simpkins. She manages the gym, coaches the girls team, and teaches the adult gymnastic classes and workshops. Her other not-so-secret passion is writing speculative fiction novels and hopes one day to be a published author.

Fun fact: Sybil studied Art History at NYU, then worked as a technical writer and project manager for a fancy SaaS company before quitting to be a starving artist (i.e. write fiction).

photo Will Ryan

Catch him walking into the gym with his Chrome backpack and galaxy cat pants, Will not only coaches the boys team, but also competes as an elite gymnast for NorCal United (a Northern California men's collegiate gymnastics team). He is currently a physics undergraduate student at UCSC.

Fun fact: For a guy that hates running, Will ran 3 miles in the Santa Cruz heat with his backpack and bike (and its flat tire) all just to make sure that he could make it to US Meal in time for a burger. We've heard it was worth it.

photo Rikki Lougee

Rikki is our lead recreation coach finishing her undergrad at UCSC. She's an Environmental Studies major with a focus in Environmental Education. She believes in teaching the next generation about our planet as a key aspect to preserving and maintaining it. She's done recreational gymnastics for over 10 years with a focus on tumbling and she's been a coach for 5 years in San Jose and Santa Cruz! She's experienced in teaching toddlers to coaching pre-competitive gymnasts. When she's not in the gym, she's hiking outdoors, at the beach, or wildflower hunting.

Fun fact: She's a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady to her big fluffy tabby named Teddy!


photo Jose Paredes

Jose is one of our recreational gymnastics coaches and he's in his 3rd year of Cabrillo with plans to transfer to a CSU or UC soon! He's a first generation college student and is studying Psychology and may soon be complementing this degree with a double major in Sociology or Dance. He's interested in giving back to the community and dreams of creating a space for people to learn and develop creative cognitive skills such as art, digital media, and dance. Though he's new to the gymnastics scene, Jose has an impressive list of jobs since 13 - fieldworker, food service, cabin leader, retail, you name it. So, it's no surprise he's taken to gymnastics coaching like fish to water! When he's not in the gym, you can find Jose eating, writing, drawing, or taking trips to the redwoods and the beach.

Fun fact: Jose has performed solo and with a crew at dance events! His favorite television shows are The Wonder Years and Avatar: The Last Airbender. He's also bilingual in English and Spanish.

photo Nadira Weerasekara

Nadira is one of our awesome recreation gymnastics coaches and she's studying Marine Biology at UCSC! She's been coaching gymnastics for 4 years and has a background working with kids since she was 12. Basically, she's never had a job that didn't have kids running around and she loves it. When not in the gym, Nadira enjoys any activity outdoors, painting, cooking (though she claims she's not good - sure), and hanging out with her turtle.

Fun fact: Nadira is fluent in American Sign Language and is Sri Lankan.

photo Bella Cantey

Bella is our fantastic high school intern! She started out and continues practicing as a student in the teen/adult gymnastics class. She shadows our coaches once a week and recently began leading her own recreational classes as well! She loves working with energetic kids and learning new skills. Bella is homeschooled, enjoys outdoor adventures, and visiting other states. 

Fun fact: Bella practices lyrical and hip-hop dance at the International Academy of Dance.